Our Story Journey

Healthio is a studio startup that founded in the mid of 2018’s. Healthio plays an important role in creating value by expanding the network of physicians, programmers, business executives, and other biomedical activists in the health industry.

Given the nature of the startup studio and its differences with other collections, Healthio responds to the need for creative and talented entrepreneurs and teams in the process of idea, team building, product and market development, investment and fundraising.

Redefining and attempting to specialized and principled innovation in healthcare, make

Healthio startup studio committed...

Vision and Mission of Healthio Studio Startup

Investing in seed stage of the first ten startups in three fields of medical devices, electronic health and new biotechnology and pharmaceutical technologies.
Facilitating and optimizing the process of creating and converting innovative ideas into marketable health technology.

Areas of Interest

Medical Devices



Helthio is committed to investing in young, energetic and creative teams by studying and observing trends in global health investment on the one hand, and studying the domestic market and key players in the Iranian health industry.

The existential philosophy and activity of Healthio Studio Startup is the development of innovative startups in the healthcare field. In this regard, Healthio invests a lot of energy in creating lean ideas and innovative startup solutions to solve the country’s health problems.